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Kwa-Faku Primary School, Philippi East - Ongoing

A new start

Philippi. A town synchronous with danger, crime, violence and poverty. The cry for help is education, education, education! Most people take this simple privilege for granted, however, here in South Africa, it become a matter of life and death. Most people are fed at school through feeding schemes, most children are safe from domestic violence, most teachers fear for their lives as they are the targets of salaried government workers. 

Building a school is not as straight forward as architectural design merit awards would like to perceive. It is building a place of hope. It is a symbol of hope in a better future. 

Layered by jobless environments, contractors here are working with local and provincial government to ensure that equality and quality is reached through any given project. On the ground we work as teams to ensure that the contractors achieve the quality through their local labour and enterprise employment strategies.

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