Emerging Architecture

Our studio consists of two divisions

Emerging Architecture
Emerging Architecture Green Label


Emerging Architecture

Emerging Architecture is a full service architect’s office.

We operate on a 6 Stage Scope of work
Stage 1: Inception (5%)
Stage 2: Concept and Viability (15%)
Stage 3: Design Development (20%)
Stage 4: Documentation and Procurement (30%)
Stage 5: Construction (27%)
Stage 6: Close Out (3%)

Our fees are standard rates set out by the South African Council for the Architects Profession and the South African Institute of Architects, which is the minimum rates required for the full scope of work as set out above. Partial services are often required and we therefore have the percentage scale above related to the fees. Refer to SACAP Fees for our current fee structures.


Emerging Architecture Green LAB 

Our Greenlabel was established to deal with the division and transition in the current market. It was also established to connect to a client base that were not specifically connected to council service areas, remote and without urban resource.


We are registered corporate members