About us

About us

Emerging Architecture

Emerging Architecture is a Professional Architects office established in 2004.

Our core purpose is to impact lives through positive architectural processes and to build good relationships with the people we meet, whilst offering alternative investment opportunities for new and portfolio clients.

We are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession, the South African Institute of Architects and the Cape Institute of Architects.

We like to think of ourselves as social designer, Cultural visionaries and construction pioneers that responsibly engage every project we undertake.

Our core ideology is to impact lives through positive architectural processes,to establish sustainable environments and to be challenged and learn more through every project.

Our aim is to be an architectural practice recognized by its values.

We believe that buildings have a direct influence on how people perceive life

We believe that built environments shape the way we live. We are suggesting directions we should be living socially.

Media has reduced social interaction to screened or i-faced-existence. Introverting the individual to the extent whereby physical interaction, socially, is restricted to the private living room.

Our view is thus to reinstate street markets conceptually as a social instigator. Re-introducing neighborly qualities, radically, poetically, and physically.

Reducing big box shopping malls to local butchers and bakeries, creating familiar self contained secure environments within walking distance from residential hubs.

Changing from urban sprawl to post-urban villages.

Promoting human-motored transport.

We envisage large scale solar energy catchment areas in deserts.

We envisage large scale oceanic breeding fields.

We envisage ATC (air traffic control) as a major tool for future technology, and the influence migrating geese have on this technology.

We envisage an oil-less society. Beyond-organic macrobiotics

We envisage new climatic possibilities in energy efficiency

We envisage apatite compaction in edible packaging.

Disposable vs. reintroduced items.

We envisage a change in time and season.

Plastic molded buildings

Pre-manufacturing and assembling by machines

Morphed changeable environments that upgrade themselves

Intelligent clothing

Only a few of our views ….

We will help those less fortunate

We will go to extremes to achieve equality in our business throughout social structures, poor is not subject to rich, and rich not subject to poor, but we choose to be excellent in servicing either end.

We like to make buildings as if they are conceptual artworks

We enjoy to be briefed by your choice music, color or mood

We locate objects in the air to suite your requirements

Our Services


Our Clients

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.